Thai Massages



We pride ourselves on the indisputable quality of massage, which is provided by professional and certified Thai masseuses from Siam Thai Massage.

The most popular traditional Thai massage involves application of pressure and is performed with the client clothed. If you want to relax, pick the herbal whole-body oil massage. During winter, we recommend a hot stone massage or a warming herbal Royal massage, which uses cloth compresses filled with a mixture of over twenty types of medicinal herbs that help release muscle pain and stress while enveloping you with a pleasant aroma.

Another favourite is a partial back, neck, and shoulder massage or a reflexology foot massage.

Opening hours: daily from 10 am - 10 pm.


Offer of thai massages


If you are interested in reservation of a massage, please contact our colleagues at Reception. We recommend booking your rental before you arrive at the hotel. Tel.: 775 882 022, e-mail:  

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